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Conrath von Auerswald, Nakhar and Forester founded SEMEN DATURA in eastern germany to create an own musical interpretation of night- first demo called "MXMVII


selfproduced Promo-EP "Black Wings" (raw black metal) was released by MetalAge

'01 Debut album "This love is dead", recordet at Stage One Studio, released by CCP


Auerswald and Nakhar started rehearsing again and alone


second album "Vineta Pt.I" is a concept album about the island „Vineta“, (atlantis of the baltic sea) - released by Twilight-Vertrieb the work recieved high recomment reviews from international rock/metal press


together with the jazzdrummer AXT and a lot of Prozack, Nakhar and Auerswald started writing songs for their final work "Einsamkeit“


The release of "EINSAMKEIT"