Requiescat in Pace 1997 - 2010
Instead of letting things go further into nothingness, the decision is made to call it quits

Final Release - "EINSAMKEIT" (Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation)


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Press Items:

"EINSAMKEIT ist ein Album mit sowohl musikalischem als auch thematischem Tiefgang..."
- Legacy Magazine 01/2010

"As a BM fan, it’s great to see a band standing up for the intellectual and artistic value of black metal,and even better that they are able to back it up with some stunning and sometimes beautifully grave music…"
- Zero Tolerance Magazine

"Fuck LITURGY – THIS is transcendental black metal.“

"Die Musik auf "Einsamkeit" ist von vorn bis hinten, von den Gitarren über den teils herrlich knarzenden Bass, das stilvolle Drumming bis zum Keyboard-Einsatz und dem Gesang variabel, facettenreich und dynamisch. Klasse."
- Metal.de

"Semen Datura should be given credit for putting out a body of work that isn’t generic or stale"

"It are in the moments that the band open up and break out of the more typical black metal that I would argue the personality of this band shines through the most. It’s clear that this is where they will go in the
future, as well"
-The Convivial Hermit

"A fairly forward-thinking path that twists and turns…an invigorating listen…a record with character and
more than a bit of ambition"
-Metal Hammer

"Quite skillfully composed and unique sounding...The end result is infinitely interesting and keeps this CD
deeply rooted in my player, but it is rather disjointing to the senses. This is undoubtedly the band’s intention"
- Worm gear zine

Feature with SEMEN DATURA available in "Terrorizer" magazine (issue #194, March 2010)

A new shirt edition is available! (sold out)

January - 2009

The works on the upcoming album 'EINSAMKEIT' are finally done.
It has been a very hard and long birth...but this album is what we always wanted to do!

June - 2008

We have signed with the very sophisticated label ATMF.
We are really looking forward to dock on in the same haven with such a fine selection of unique bands.
So the layouting process goes on and the audiomastering will done next time.


October - 2007

During the last months, in wonderful seclusion, we had the chance to devote ourselves fully to new materials and new sounds. A description would be of no use now, you'll hear and see more when the time is right.